Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Adam Haeadly, 19 years old body washed up in Assitugge. Assitugge seems far from Ocean City, but, it is about 3 miles away by water. The body has been in the water for a week or so.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Coast Guard

In Ocean City a 19 year old got caught in the rip current and drowned. The coast guard searched for the boy from 88th street to 1st streets, in helocopters. That night boats were look for a body floating in the water. He was trying to swim with his brother and his cousin. None of the boys knew how to swim. The lifeguard could only save two of the boys. The lifeguard said they would of drowned if they didn't panic
If you get saved by a lifeguard you have to spend 30 days before you can go in the ocean again. During that time you have to go to a school to train you how to swim.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Wa-Wa coming soon

Up north at line of Delaware and Maryland there is wa-wa coming soon. It is rediculous, there a wa-wa about 3 miles away. Then at Main street after the clear channel buildboard comes down they're have another wa-wa their. Theres a wa-wa about 5 miles away. It good for them, but not our community. Most the people goto wa-wa to get coffee anyway. Just make it a wa-wa with food and other items, but not gas.